So one of my goals for this magazine is to inspire you to do what you love and to help empower others with your beautiful abilities.

I have come across so many exceptional artists on and offline who honestly don’t know their worth or the potential they could bring if they just tried.

They have the desire but they ultimately lack the guts and that is what I want to help young creatives develop.

I came across Aman John,

a year or two years ago. He won a contest from the YouTube president look a like Alpha Cat.

I fell in love with his videos and the message he was promoting.

He is an absolutely intelligent  and his videos make you think every time.

Sometimes we are taught one way and that single way is supposed to be right.

But sometimes, we will never understand ourselves or our world if we don’t learn to think for on our own.

Learn to step out side the box of “normal” and see what is right for us to succeed.

So if you don’t know Aman John I am introducing him to you right now.

Here is

The Forgotten Side of Happiness:

Why “The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living”

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